The last few years we opened all the events to the general public.  Our hope was to get as many people on the farm as possible to experience what we do here, and maybe some of them would become members.  It is a wonderful thing sharing what we have created here on this land with people, especially those who live in the City.  Promoting and managing such large events is a lot of work, but I can tell you it was a lot of work when they were small.  The small events became too much for just Nigel and I to manage.  With Nigel's illness we knew we couldn't run the events on our own anymore so we decided to create an actual position for someone and really expand the events to make it worth their while.  The past couple of years we have hosted literally thousands of people. Something we could not have managed without the hard work Emily and Connie have put into making those days happen.  But there was something missing, the intimacy and connection we have with members at smaller events.  So when the three of us met last week to set the dates we decided to go back to the original style - events for members, and their guests, and if there is space, Eatwell Alumni and their guests.

No worries, you can still bring Aunt Betsy and the neighbors down the street.  We just aren't opening up to the general public.  I really hope everyone will make it up for at least one event.  Tickets will still go through Brown Paper Tickets.  Connie will let you know when they go live, but here are the dates.

Strawberry Days on the Farm: Sunday, April 30th; Sunday, May 7th; Sunday, May 14th; Sunday, May 28th

Lavender Harvest Weekend: Friday, June 9th - Sunday, June 11th

Summer Solstice Sleepover and Garlic Braiding Party: Saturday, June 24th - Sunday, June 25th

Tomato Sauce Canning Party and Sleepover (Tentative Dates): Saturday, July 29th; Saturday, August 5th; Saturday, August 19th

Pumpkin Party: Sunday, October 15th