Hi Lorraine here, your Farm Bookkeeper!  I went to the post office the other day to pick up a package, the seeds Nigel had ordered earlier in the week.  It was a $2,900.00 order.  I was prepared for a large box, made sure my front seat was cleared.  Ready to lug out this big box.  Stood in line, patiently waiting my turn, got to the counter, asked for our package and was stunned when the mail person came out with this little bitty box.  My first question was, where is the rest of it?  She looked at me, we looked at the label, it read 1 box of 1.  Holy smokes, this little box contained nearly $3,000 worth of seeds!

I always laugh when people pronounce they could grow things for far less money in their garden!  How could tomatoes cost $4.00 a lb?  It's only a few seeds and little water, right?  That Romanesco we all love so much, one packet of seeds is $842.00.  Amazing how it all adds up.  I always love to sit with Nigel and go through the seed catalogs; "Why don't we grow this?"  "Oooh let's get some of these!"  But then the bill comes in suddenly you realize those little itty bitty seeds are worth their weight in gold, literally!