The kids, we have to get to the kids!  That's what I keep telling people.  If we want to change the food world, then we have to share great food with kids and teach them how to cook.  I can't tell you how many times I have heard from adults that once a child has a connection with the farm, has the opportunity to participate in the cooking of the food, learns a little about it, suddenly they are vegetable fans!  Below is an email sent to us from one of the teachers at Clarendon Elementary in SF.  It is one of our drop sites, and the school has some pretty awesome Eatwell members on staff and as parents.  Unfortunately, Nigel and I are just not available to go into the classrooms, but we still love supporting.  If your child's class could use a CSA share to cook, play, learn let us know.  We would be very happy to donate a box.  Come on, let's change the world!


Hi Eatwell!

I am a subscriber to Eatwell and also a 3rd grade teacher at Clarendon Elementary.  My class cooks every Friday and I try to encourage my students to try new things.  You sent a box for our classroom this week.  We cooked it up today and the students loved it.  We made: brown rice, lentils.  On top, we served sautéed spring onions, garlic, spinach and kale.  We topped it with lemon juice and parsley.  On the side, as a dessert, we ate the Mandarins and raisins.  Thank you so much.  Children loved the greens... Even those who said they "don't eat them".  Suddenly they were eating seconds!  Thanks again.  I'm attaching a photo.  You can see the beets are in the oven for a taste this afternoon.

Jody Frandle, Clarendon Elementary