We celebrated Earth Day this past weekend.  I worked the Ferry Plaza Market and I saw loads of people down there for the Science March.  It sticks me as kind of odd that they connected it to Earth Day.  I say “odd” because realistically some of the core environmental issues and concerns actually came from science.  Chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, that are sprayed on our food all come out of laboratories.  Air pollution, water pollution, are all because of advancements in science.  Now that we are facing climate issues, environmentalists and scientists are standing together, and that is good thing.  But we still have a long way to go.

Thinking of Earth Day and how we can contribute in our daily lives I came to realize CSA members are kind of Earth Warriors.  You have committed to supporting an organic farm that is local to you.  Your fresh vegetables and fruits are not being trucked or flown in from half way around the world.  You are keeping these fields lush, vibrant, growing year round, chemical free.  We all celebrate Earth Day every week when we open our CSA shares.  Many of you are true warriors because you stick with it, through thick and thin.  Because of people like you, this farm is producing a wide range of food, not just walnuts or some other commodity crop.