Farm House Kitchen

To make the pork tacos I took several cups of soup and added about 1 TB Cumin and Chile Powder, and about 1 tsp Coriander.  You could easily spice it up by adding chilis, jalapeños or chipotle, or chili pepper flakes.  Mix it all up well, put the pork or whatever meat you want to use right into the newly seasoned “soup” and slow cook until the meat is tender.  You can do this on low on the stove top, or in a slow cooker.  Again I used my Instant Pot so it was done in pretty quickly.  Top your tacos with chopped lettuce, sour cream, hot sauce and a little grated cheese.

For the Rice, this is the perfect time to use up some that you have leftover.  I always put a good amount of butter in my Mexican Rice, then I added a small amount of the seasoned soup, just enough to get it heating.  Heat up on a medium low temp, and once it is warmed through you can decide if you want to add more of the soup for more flavor.  

Use the cabbage for a light slaw.  Mandarin slices and some grated beet make delicious additions and make for a slaw that goes well with this taco dinner.