Several weeks ago the crew went out to the basil beds to get the young plants covered.  The covering protects them from the harsh summer sun and provides us with a longer harvest.  Many of you have been here when the winds blow and so you know how incredibly powerful it can be here.  Over the past couple of weeks we have had some crazy winds which did a number on the basil covers.  It always makes me sad to see the crew's hard work destroyed by the wind.  It is particularly hard, as I know we are very shorthanded and they certainly don't have the time to go back out there to put the cover back over the hoops.  Maybe if any of you coming up this weekend are interested, we could get a little crew together and take care of that?  If you are interested can you text me 530-554-3971 or let Connie know on Sunday.  I bet with a few of us we could get it taken care of right quick.