Remember back in early February when it was raining cats and dogs?  That’s when our potato seed arrived and when we should have planted them.  As you know the rain never stopped, and the potatoes didn’t make it into the ground until March.  Then we had a cool Spring which meant they had a slow start.  Now they are growing like crazy, after they flower we will start to harvest in June, but later in the month.  The problem we can run into is getting them out of the ground fast enough because July can be too hot for them if they are still in the ground.  With lavender harvest, June is an extremely busy month, so it will be a challenge to this all done.  The seed comes from Colorado, where it is grown at high altitude, and aphids can not survive.  The aphids transfer a destructive virus, and as an organic farm, we do not have the option to spray.  New potatoes, fresh from the ground, is one of my favorite foods.