This past Sunday was the first of four Strawberry Days.  There were a bazillion berries, with many flowers and green berries coming up.  This coming Sunday will be the 2nd Strawberry Day, and I do believe we will have loads of fruit for everyone to pick.  Life is pretty funny, one of the reasons we decided to go back to member only events was the lack of strawberries the past two years.  It was always so disappointing not having enough to sell, so naturally this year it stands to reason there would be an overabundance.  We still have plenty of tickets left, invite your friends and family.  Come up and picnic, relax on the farm, enjoy all the blooming flowers in the pasture and pick strawberries like there is no tomorrow.  If this Sunday doesn’t work for you, no worries we have two more after this one - May 14th and May 28th.  I know we scheduled all of these dates on Sundays, that really was to make our lives a whole lot easier, BUT if you can not make it up to the farm on a Sunday please get in touch and schedule a private Strawberry Day for yourself.  As long as we know in advance there is never a problem with members coming to the farm on non-event days.