It is quite remarkable how everything seems to come together on the farm. This last weekend was our annual Lavender Harvest. If you have never attended this weekend event and are the least bit interested, we highly recommend joining next year. While it’s a weekend of working in the field, you are surrounded by beautiful views, the calming scent of the lavender field, and wonderful company.  

We tend to get very anxious prior to the events, checking the attendee list to make sure we have enough people and updating checklists with items to remember to purchase and tasks to complete. We also obsessively monitor the weather forecast for the event weekends. It is hard to stay motivated in the fields when it is hot on the farm. 

As it seems to go with events on the farm, everything came together in the end. We had members, friends, family, and staff of the farm all join to help out. We had help from Bay Leaf Kitchen prepping and cooking meals for our work crew. Nigel and Lorraine had family visiting, and we had his son’s planning and carrying out the logistics of the day. 

His parents and daughter worked non-stop cleaning the house and dishes after the meals. Nigel’s brother was all over the farm taking incredible photos of the day’s events. We had our entire farm community out in the fields and in the drying room working extremely hard. We also have to mention, we had gorgeous weather this last weekend to be working outside, clouds with temperatures in the 70s. The rain even held off until we were finished working and all inside eating lunch. Yes, we had rain in June, but it all worked out.

We can’t thank everyone enough for their time and commitment over the weekend. We couldn’t do what we do without our entire farm family coming together.