Many of you have noticed our green garlic was becoming not so green the last two weeks it was in the boxes. The green garlic is basically the young garlic plant before the bulb is planted. 

Our garlic is planted in October and as it begins a more vigorous growth, we thin the plants. Thinning allows the garlic bulbs more room to fill out. We harvest the ‘green garlic,’ which is still edible and contains a milder garlic flavor. The garlic bulbs are ready to harvest once the tops of the plant begin to yellow and dry out. 

We will soon start digging up the bulbs and allow them to cure. Then they can be stored and used through the winter months, while we prepare to plant next year’s crop. We will be braiding garlic in two weeks at the Solstice Sleepover. Braided garlic allows the garlic to be stored longer and is also very aesthetically pleasing. Join us at the Solstice Sleepover to learn how to braid garlic and spend a relaxing weekend with us at the farm celebrating the start of summer.