From CSA Member Paige B.


1 bunch Chard, sliced thinly with stem removed

1 bunch Collards, sliced thinly with stem removed

Radish Tops & Turnip Tops - TOO Use the whole box..

1 bulb fennel, sliced.  Tops reserved for garnish

1 Lemon Juiced, zest reserved

4 cloves garlic

¼ C olive oil

4 oz. Feta packed in water, Bulgarian is awesome

½ Chopped Parsley

½ Chopped Mint

½ Chopped Fennel Tops from Bulb

Zest of Lemon


Heat oil in large Sauté pan over low-medium heat place smashed garlic cloves in oil and slowly fry until lightly browned.  Remove garlic from oil and set aside, don’t over brown - you’ll be using these later in the recipe.

Place fennel in pan and sauté over medium heat until lightly brown. Add greens to pan and add ½ cup water or chicken stock.  Cook until tender, using the lid to capture heat and help it cook evenly.  If you happen to have some tomato juice around this is a great place to use it as it makes the whole thing a little sweet. 

Remove from heat and juice of 1 lemon and place in service bowl.  Mix 2 T olive oil, herbs, fennel tops, lemon zest, feta and browned garlic cloves together in a small mixing bowl.  You may want to smash the garlic a little first for a smooth paste with the Olive Oil. 

Crumble the feta mixture over the greens and top with toasted Panko Bread Crumbs if you like a little extra texture.