The Summer Solstice falls on Wednesday, June 21st this year. I recently came across a very good reason to celebrate the summer solstice. There have been numerous studies correlating the length of daylight and happiness. It has been researched that people are much happier this time of year compared to the winter months. 

I read about one study that used social media, tweets, randomly selected from people all over the world. It was determined that it wasn’t necessarily the length of daylight but the relative change in day length from one day to another that affected a person’s attitude.  

That is, leading up to the summer solstice, people tended to have a more positive outlook versus when the change in daylight was negative. The Summer Solstice could be the happiest we will ever be for the year. How are you planning on spending all your positive energy? 

Eatwell Farm is holding its annual Summer Solstice Sleepover and Garlic Braiding Party this coming weekend, June 24th and 25th. We hope you can join us and celebrate summer. This overnight campout will include a potluck dinner, harvesting garlic and making garlic braids. The garlic braids are not only a great way to store your garlic, but it also looks really nice. This coming winter, when the days are shorter and you’re feeling a little down, you can pull a garlic bulb off your braid as a reminder of those long summer days full of sunshine and happiness.

This event is only open to the CSA Members, alumni, and their guests. Please email for ticket information.