Sweet Cory, our former CSA driver, offered to come out on Sunday to do chores around the house.  The boys are home as well as Cameron, Lilly, and Nigel’s brother Ed. They tackled our long list of tasks I was hoping to get done.  

Cory was out front building a ramp so I could take Nigel outside on my own, and Nigel being Nigel demanded he be brought out there to watch all that was going on.  He got to be outside on his farm, breathing the air, soaking in the rays.  Our hope is to have a chance to drive him around the farm one last time. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Eric took this great shot of everyone inside our little new pool, which they cleaned out.  We bought this pool hoping Nigel would have a chance to use it to build up his strength.  We jumped the gun by filling it up, but when our lives got crazy, we never had a chance to treat it properly.  So it is empty now, scrubbed clean. 

I am hoping to get it filled in the next day or so for the family to enjoy.