Sauce Party #1 is just around the corner, and I think out of all the events that happen on the farm, it is the sauce party that connects people.  It’s usually hot, hotter for having close to 100 people cooking tomato sauce all day.  But magic happens in that communal cooking, in the sharing of recipes, lunch, and cocktails (thinking of you Ted - Manhattan Man).  It is pretty serious work for all of you.  

Last year it was so obvious that most of you have become hard core canners and the operations you are setting up have become quite impressive (and huge!).  This year we have reduced the number oftickets rather significantly to accommodate you the Eatwell canners.  I think we used to open it up to well over 100 people, now we are down to just 80.  If you haven’t gotten your tickets, I strongly encourage you do that, because I think this year we are going to book out once people realize this.  Also, we grew more San Marzanos this year and they really do make the best sauce EVAH!  Get your tickets, bring up some friends, make a year’s worth of sauce, and more importantly let’s all celebrate the amazing man I was lucky enough to love and marry! For ticket inquiries, email or check your Friday email for the parties link.