By The Boys, Eric & Andrew

These past couple of days have been the toughest of our lives but have also shown the impact our dad has had on the world. The outpouring of support shows how a community can be built and how he has brought a diverse group of people together over everyone’s desire for healthier food.   

Growing up on the farm we have been with him while he has been working night and day to make sure the farm runs smoothly. From the early morning drives to the market to driving out to the pump at midnight and every time in between.  While most kids were just learning basic math, he was teaching us how to use a credit card machine at the farmers’ market. He made us go to a Spanish immersion school so that we could learn to communicate with the crew on the farm and it has been an invaluable tool.  He taught us the value of taking care of the farm crew as they are a big reason the farm has been able to succeed and will continue to succeed. When additional was help needed with anything from packing the CSA boxes to planting, we were sent out to help the crew and learn some of the skills. 

Following his dreams of farming has given us a unique start to our life that we would not trade for anything in the world. He showed the guts to try out new things that were big risks and he proceeded to the next idea when the last one reached the end of its course. When the many seed magazines came in, he spent hours looking through to find a new, exciting and unfamiliar variety.

Every day of his life dad was learning about ways he could improve what was being done on the farm and wanting other people to learn also through the stories in the newsletters and tours around the farm.

Dad has always said that it is not his farm but the members’ farm and it will continue being so.

Without your support, our dad's dreams would never have been attained.

Thank you for your continued support.