Many of you who have visited the farm this summer have asked about the pond.  It is dry, dry, dry.  And yes, we did that on purpose. A few years ago Nigel was reading up on ways to seal a pond naturally. We have already put a pond liner, and used clay, but nothing has worked for us. The fact is we have no clay in our soil, a bit of a problem when you are looking to seal a pond! What he read was the goose and duck poop does a very good job of sealing ponds, so we got geese and ducks.  The pond still leaks. But now the water is yucky and no one wants to swim in it anymore.  I decided to let it drain and dry out completely. I am hoping to fill it up in a week or so and keeping my fingers crossed that it seals or at the very least we will have clear water, beautiful enough to swim in.