At our last Sauce Party a couple of members told me the only reason they made it up was because their roommate has a car.  I remember at farm events years ago you would see many zip cars, which we don’t see much anymore at all. That got me thinking, does that mean many of you have no way of getting up here?  And that brought me to the idea of setting up a Slack group for the Eatwell CSA Community. Cameron jumped on it, it is called Eatwell’ers Community. There is a channel for “Rideshare” and another for “Recipes” and of course the general. We can add more channels if the need arises, but I think this would be an excellent way for CSA members to reach out and connect with other members as well as the farm, for dinner/recipe ideas, and hopefully to get some ride shares happening. I really want to see more of you up at the farm. We would love any ideas you might have, or feedback. Please take a look at the Friday email we sent out last week for the link or go to From there, you can click and join! If you can’t find it, please let me know and I can send you an invite to the group directly.  The more members to join the better the experience!