Last week’s Headstart delivery brought us trays of mixed lettuces.  Seeing them sitting out on the ground waiting to be planted, I was struck by their delicate beauty. Nigel always mixed the seeds so our lettuce beds had different varieties growing. In the case of lettuce, this made picking for our mixed bags much easier because they are pre-mixed in the fields. It also helps us lower our cost with Headstart, their prices drop significantly as the quantity of seed goes up. For me as a ‘non-farmer’ farmer, I have to learn to resist the desire to want things in the ground sooner than they should be. Last week, the weather cooled significantly and I couldn’t help but think, “Maybe the intense heat is over so what delicate goodies can we plant now?” Of course, this week, we are smack in the middle of another heat wave. Thank goodness our crew knows what they are doing.