I picked up one of Nigel’s books tonight “Fields of Farmers” by Joel Salatin. I had forgotten Nigel’s habit of highlighting passages he found particularly interesting. Seeing this little message he inadvertently left for me is another heartbreaking reminder. Yet, at the same time, it is wonderful knowing he is still teaching me. The first highlighted section I read was really quite profound, so I thought I would share it you all. 

“We are all utterly and completely dependent on soil, honey bees, raindrops, sunlight, fungi and bacteria. Neither the greatest scientific discovery nor the highest gain on Wall Street, compares to the importance of a functioning carbon cycle or dancing earthworms.”

Nigel understood the importance of the natural circle of life that lives in our soil, and buzzes in our fields. In these turbulent times sometimes, we humans need a reminder that without this delicate symphony Mother Nature orchestrates nothing else will matter. What he grew and nurtured here at Eatwell, has grown into a paradise for birds, frogs, lizards, bees, and an entire universe living in our soil.  Surrounded by mono-culture Eatwell stands as an island.  Our island, yours, mine and even those who don’t know anything about us. We are the stewards of this land, our responsibility is great.