Where do I start, how do I begin? It is a daunting and overwhelming challenge for me. As Connie’s last project on the farm, she helped me work on structuring an idea for a project Nigel had planned on doing for some years now.  We have a 1,000 foot strip at the North end of the farm. Nigel intended to plant two rows of trees, as part of his permaculture project. I have been interested in growing Pineapple Guavas because they produce a crazy amount of fruit, and you can harvest into December. I also want to add a row of Persimmons. On a farm walk some weeks ago, we discovered Nigel had planted about 6 persimmon trees, three varieties, down the row with the mulberries. They are now producing fruit, which tells me we can grow them on our farm. The idea is to do one row of pineapple guava and one row of persimmons. When the time comes, I plan on enlisting the help of y’all by making this a planting party, actually it will be a couple of planting parties.  The nice thing about this project is it is on a small strip, therefore, a rather manageable first attempt. The more I read about the pineapple guava, the more excited I become, and ultimately the closer I feel to Nigel.  So stay tuned, I will be writing more on this project as I learn more!