Soooo, the year we moved into the house, Nigel planted a bunch of olive trees along the drive up to the house.  Last year we had our first real crop, and this year looks to be just as good.  There are far too many olives for us to harvest, the crew really doesn’t have the time to take on new projects.  I was thinking perhaps some of you might be interested in helping us harvest a large amount that I could take into have pressed for oil.  Everyone who helps would get some of the oil.  If we harvest lots and get a good amount of oil we would have some to sell to the CSA.  I need to do a bit of research on this project, but before I go jumping down the rabbit hole, I would like to know if enough of you would be interested in coming up on a Sunday to pick olives.  If you are please text me your name so I can start a list, and take it from there.