This is an article from the newsletter of February 2, 1999.  

Most of us are pretty addicted to our Eatwell Eggs, and find the notion of having an egg Off Season unimaginable, but that is how it was back in the beginning. And I believe there was a gap of several years when Nigel gave up on the chickens altogether, now that is truly unimaginable! The chickens play a major role on the farm, fertility, pest and weed control, and of course those delicious eggs. Running a chicken operation like ours is an enormous commitment, financially and in terms of man hours, but very much worth it.  


A quick side note: As Cameron and I headed out for our weekly farm walk, we found Jose and Agustin in the process of moving the house that has the newest flock of birds.  When chicks first arrive, their house is parked up next to the pond.   Up here we have access to power for their lights.  The girls are just about 3 months old, and getting really big.  They are ready for some pasture, so it is moving day.  Big problem, flat tires on the house!  Agustin and Jose had to lift the house just a little with the forklift we borrow from our generous neighbors next door.  It is challenging lifting those giant houses, but they got the job done, and the girls are now out on pasture.  Pullet lovers, we have about 3 months to go before they start laying. 

Here are the words from that long ago newsletter article by Nigel:

“Many of you are asking when the egg subscriptions will return.  The ‘Ladies’ have just gone through the molting process when they grow a new set of feathers and shed the old ones.  They look very fine now.  Our plan for the chickens was to have them as part of the farm’s fertility program.  They are moved around every three months or so.  We are currently evaluating the costs and benefits to see where we proceed from here.  There will be egg subscriptions offered soon, on a limited basis.  Watch this space for more details.”