The first major project Cameron worked on when he came back to the farm last summer was our seed/Headstart orders.  I can’t tell you what an enormous project this was, there were so many layers and pieces to consider, it made me feel like my head would explode.  Nigel had most of this information in his head, and over the past few years, with all the cancer treatment, he hadn’t kept logs.  

We now have a giant spread sheet that tells us what seeds, which variety, how many, from whom, days to germination, when the seeds arrive here or go to Headstart, which weeks do we expect those starts and when does that crop go into your CSA box.  It is crazy, but with that information Cameron and I sat down in early December and got our seed/Headstart orders put together for all of 2018!  POs were created for the entire year, and last Thursday, the first one arrived.  I think we both felt a good amount of satisfaction.  Wonder how I will feel when I see the bill :)