For months Cameron worked on the database of all that we grow. That task was completed and all the seed and transplant orders for the entire year were sent off to Headstart in December.  The first transplants arrived a week ago, and this week the first of them went into the ground.  This is a giant circle of life and processing.  As a mom, I am extremely proud of Cameron for taking on this challenge and getting it done. Most starting farmers begin with a few acres, Cameron had to jump in, with no prior training, at a rather large level. The stress of keeping mistakes to a minimum is fairly significant, well at least for me it is. 

The next step in creating a system that tracks and duplicates Nigel’s brain is to track what goes where. Which plants are in which bed, in which rows, in which field. How many plants and which variety? Dates it was planted, then eventually dates harvested. Cameron has been working on an AirTable that the guys will have access to as an app on their phones, so this info can be entered in as it all happens.  Progress is a great thing, and in our own little way, modern technology plays an enormous role. To help the guys track what bed, row, field, Cameron put out colored flags to help with the counting. We have discovered that on the leased side of the farm, there are over 200 beds in one field!  A lot to keep track of.