This time of year, it amazes me that Jose and the guys can get as much beautiful produced out of the fields every week as they do.  We are in a bit of in an in between time, many of the crops we were harvesting over the past few months are looking tired, and old.  Many are in full bloom or about to.  In this picture you can clearly see how many of the greens are moving on to their next phase in life, which if we let them, would be reproduction.  Lots of beautiful yellow flowers popping out of beds of greens we have been enjoying. The blossoms are really quite tasty but obviously we can’t fill a box with pretty yellow flowers.  And of course this is all just another example of the seasonality of a farm like ours.  It is also the reason we plant the same crop over a period of several weeks.  Farming is a lot easier if you are just growing a few things to harvest all at once, but we have boxes to fill 51 weeks out of the year, and that takes a lot of planning.