Because many of you are every other week people, I want to make sure everyone gets to see this information. So forgive me for the repeat from last week:

When Nigel passed away I chose to postpone his memorial until this summer. I was so overwhelmed at the time, and truly felt I could not organize something that would do him justice.  Honestly, I couldn’t be very present.  I had hoped that given the space of many months, the process and ideas for his memorial would be easier.  I don’t think it has, but now I have the advantage of the time to plan something a bit more worthy of someone who gave so much.

Nigel’s memorial is scheduled for June 17th.  It is the weekend right around the time of our Solstice/Garlic Party. This year, rather than garlic harvest/braiding I would like us to take on a project and make something special for the Members’ Garden, a permanent memorial to Nigel. For years he dreamed of building a big pizza oven out there, so of course, that is my first thought. I think it could be an excellent community project to do together, but I will need your help.  

Here is an update on last week. I have been in touch with Miguel Elliott who builds incredible cobb and earth structures, including pizza ovens.  He will be taking on this project and I hope to have many of you join us.  It will span over two weekends, so there is plenty of opportunities for you to participate. Later this week I will send out an email explaining the project more clearly.   Regarding the memorial, we will send out an invitation via Brown Paper Tickets to make sure we can accommodate as many people as possible.