And yes, the van is stuck in the mud.  This has happened twice in the last 2 months.  The first time Cameron got my car stuck on his way out to deal with the wild dogs, and the second was yesterday when Maysam and I were going out to deal with the Nest that had blown over in the storm.  Both times I expressed my concern, saying it probably wasn’t a good idea, both times I was told it would be fine.  Both times I was right.  Believe me, this is not about me being right, because ultimately I was wrong.  I was seriously wrong for not being comfortable with telling someone “no, I know better”.  When you take on a life running a business you have to learn to be strong and understand when you need to be firm, and when you say no, you mean no.  How is anyone else going to understand that if I don’t?  Hopefully, the lesson has been learned, and even though vehicles got stuck in the mud, I no longer will be.