This past Saturday was the first Bayview Community Food Market at All Good Pizza. Eatwell CSA member Earl Shaddix has been working tirelessly to bring fresh food to his neighborhood, wrangling with the City to get this little market started. A big thank you to Earl for achieving this amazing task and to Kristen from All Good Pizza for opening her beautiful space, making us all feel so welcomed and feeding us pizza!  

To be honest, ever since I agreed to doing this, I felt like I was out of my mind. Seriously, what was I thinking?  We have strawberry days on three of the Sundays in May.  Then we have full weekend events the first 3 weeks of June.  How could adding a full day, doing a tiny little market in the Bayview make any sense in my life? Here is how it makes sense - that is one heck of a community! Our CSA dropsite is literally 1/2 block up the street. The people, many families with kids and dogs, came out and really showed their support and enthusiasm. I am sure this is what it must have felt like doing some of the early farmers markets in SF 25 years ago. I had the chance to meet and re-meet many of our CSA members, including our hosts at the Jerold St. house. We spoke with many people from the neighborhood who love the idea of joining our CSA and becoming members of our community. Meeting the other vendors in our small group was also a great way to make new connections. The owner of All Good Pizza, Kristen, is an Eatwell member too!  So you see, community and building it, makes some extra effort very worthwhile. Thanks to all of yo who came out to see and support us this past Saturday. We will be back this coming week, and I hope to see even more of you!