Lilly made this delicious potato salad for a pot luck they were going to.  It was seriously good so I thought I’d share it with you.

1 lb Potatoes, washed and cut into 1” chunks

1 tsp Salt, for cooking water

2 Eggs, hard boiled, diced

1/4 cup finely chopped Red Onion, rinsed under cool water and drained (If you have white onion in your box this week, they are pretty sweet so you could probably use that)

1/3 cup chopped Celery

2 TB chopped Dill Pickles

Optional, chopped fresh Parsley

For the Dressing:

1/4 cup Mayonnaise

1/4 cup Sour

1/2 TB Apple Cider Vinegar

1 tsp prepared Yellow Mustard

Salt Black Pepper, to taste

Pinch of Celery Seed

1 TB Milk, then more as needed

Place potatoes in a large pot.  Cover with water (should come about 1” above potatoes), and add salt.  Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, then reduce heat to medium-low cover and simmer until potatoes are just tender all the way through, about 10 minutes (don’t over cook them).  Drain potatoes then transfer to a bowl.  Cover bowl with plastic wrap while leaving an opening on the edge for heat to escape and chill 30 minutes.  In a medium bowl whisk together mayonnaise, sour cream, apple cider vinegar, mustard, pepper, celery seed and milk.  Season with salt to taste.   Add eggs, red onion, celery, dill pickles and dressing to bowl with potatoes.  Toss everything to coat.  Add more milk as desired.  Best to chill at least 30 minutes.  Serve cold and sprinkle top with fresh parsley.