I was looking at recipes for slaw, but all the recipes add sugar.  Personally I seriously dislike sweet Cole slaw.  You can make the simplest cabbage salad by shredding the cabbage very thin, massaging it with a bit of salt to help release some of the juice, then add lemon or lime juice.  From there you can go in many directions with extra seasoning, a little cumin, coriander and chili flakes will give you a great topping for tacos. Add some apple cider vinegar, paprika, cayenne, black pepper and a little brown sugar, and you have a great topping for pulled pork sandos!  I love a slightly creamy cabbage salad using a little yogurt, the juice of one orange plus a bit of the zest. 

Of course you could go more in the direction of a Thai flavor with some peanuts and fish sauce, plus acid and spice.  Any of these salads would benefit from a bit of matchstick Watermelon Daikon, and or radish/turnips.   So many choices, and it is really easy to customize it to the rest of your meal.  The big bonus is you will probably have leftovers that are an easy grab to add a bit more veg to any meal. Be creative, have fun and enjoy your cabbage!