To be fair, I have made plenty of fresh sauce this summer with the Estiva slicing tomatoes, and it has all been delicious.  BUT the darling of the sauce world is turning red out in the field and so serious saucing will begin in the farm house very soon. Many of you switched to the September Sauce Party date and I believe a lot of you did that because of these tomatoes.  If you can’t make it up, we will have them available to you by the case as an add on. I promise you, taking a couple of hours to make your own tomato sauce is worth so much more than you can imagine. Once you start eating your own sauce you just won’t go back. Because these tomatoes come in rather late, I have decided next year we will skip the July Sauce Party and start up later in August, adding more dates in September. Overall I believe it will be better for most of you so you aren’t missing out due to summer vacation plans.  My goal is to convince you all to fill your cupboards with homemade tomato sauce!