Every so often I write about our salts.  It always amazes me how many members don’t know about these little secret kitchen weapons! We currently offer 6 flavors, although I am working on a new special seasonal blend that includes fennel blossom and parsley and is amazing! In any case we do have these amazing salts, and everyone should have at least a few of them on hand at all times! Lavender is one of my favorites, most definitely my favorite on just sliced tomatoes and my go to seasoning for steak and hamburger. People are always surprised when I tell them the best steak or hamburgers are made with a good sprinkling of our lavender salt, let sit out for 10 to 15 minutes before cooking in a searing hot cast iron, truly amazing! For our pizzas at the sauce parties we have been brushing the edge of the crust with olive oil and giving it a light sprinkling of the Rosemary salt, delicious and crunchy.

The other current four flavors are Thyme, Smoked Chile, Lemon, and Heirloom Tomato. The salts now come in a cute little 2 oz jar so it isn’t much of a commitment to try any or even all of them! I always suggest you use them at the end of cooking, sometimes with spaghetti I put the Rosemary Salt on right on top of the pile in my bowl, I love the salty crunch. All of our salts are made with dried herbs or veg from the farm and ground with very coarse grey sea salt from Britany. One of the things I love the most about having them on hand at all times, is I seldom need to worry about having fresh herbs, typically there is a salt that will cover what I need, and I never use plain dried herbs anymore.  It makes cooking just a little bit easier!

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