Serves 2-4 | Takes 25 minutes

Recipe by Jamie Olive from 5 Ingredients

I love this book because of it simple approach to making yourself something good to eat.  Focusing on ingredients many people have at home, although some might be more common in the UK, but nothing is obscure.  This dish looks like it would be delicious with a roast chicken or a piece of fish.  For a little fresh veg maybe do a quick pickle with the daikon to serve on the side.

3 oz Split Red Lentils

2 Onions, or maybe substitute the Leeks

2 heaped TB  Balti Curry Paste

1/2 lb Kale

1 cup Brown Basmati Rice

1/2 TB Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper, to taste

Cook the lentils in salted water according to the packet instructions.  Peel and finely slice the onions, put them into a large shallow casserole pan on a medium heat with the olive oil and the Balti Paste.  Cook for 15 minutes, or until soft and golden, stirring regularly.  Tear in the kale, save tough stalks for stock, add a splash of lentil cooking water, cover and leave for 2 minutes.  Drain the lentils, toss into the casserole pan with the rice, cover again, and leave for a final 3 minutes.  Toss it all together; taste, season to perfections with sea salt and black pepper, and dish up.