So, what is that gigantic grapefruit looking thing anyway? Pomelo or Citrus Maxima is not a hybrid, but rather one of the original citrus species. It comes from Southeast Asia. Even though it looks like a giant grapefruit it doesn’t have that bitter flavor. Grapefruit, actually, is a cross between pomelo and sweet orange. The Pomelo takes a bit of work to peel, but so worth it. By Googling Pomelos, you’ll find plenty of videos on how to peel and eat it. 

Start by cutting 1/2” off the top to create a flat side.  Score 6 times from top to bottom, about 1/2” deep to get through the thick pith. The pith is edible, but not palatable unless cooked.  Using your fingers, pull off sections of rind, starting where the scores intersect. When finished, slice the fruit in half. Separate the segments, and using a knife, remove the membrane. Enjoy it as part of a salad or simply as it is.