On Fridays Jose and Nigel go on a walk around our fields to see what we have available for the next week's boxes. This typically happens late-morning. Once we know what we have available in our fields, we call around to farms in the area to see if they have other items available for us to supplement our boxes. We then decide what we'll put in the boxes the next week. We need to have an accurate count of scheduled deliveries for the next week by early afternoon. Over the weekend, you have the opportunity to make last minute add-on purchases to send with your next CSA delivery.  We have the deadline in place so that we can give Juanita, Jose, and Emily the information to package up the add-on items. At 6:00 a.m. on Monday mornings, Juanita starts counting and prepping the boxes for the week, and it's best to give them the most accurate number we can. Making a change after the deadline creates complications and room for errors.

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