Yes. You can postpone deliveries for any reason at all, as long as you get place your delivery on hold before 4pm the Sunday before the delivery.  To postpone your delivery, simply log into your online account, click "my account" and click on "Place box on hold for a week" in the "My Subscriptions" section of your member dashboard.  Then, click on the date(s) you would like to postpone/hold your deliveries.  The boxes placed on hold will be moved to the end of your subscription. 

Instead of postponing a delivery, you also have the option to donate your CSA box and eggs.  For instance, many of our members donate their boxes when they are going to be out of town for holidays.  In those cases, we do not donate the CSA box itself, but rather we donate its value.  The organizations we work with, such as The Food Pantry in San Francisco, prefer to receive specific items of produce after the holidays.  When you donate your box rather than postpone it, the farm doesn't lose revenue, those in need benefit, and you can feel good about it, too.  When logged into your online account, click on the date on the interactive calendar, then click "hold delivery," and it will give you the option to donate it.

If you want to cancel your box at the last minute, we will not be able to credit you for the box. While we pick most items the day before delivery, we need time to plan the harvest. If you miss the deadline, we can donate your box, or you can have a friend pick it up for you. We are currently donating to The Pantry at UC Davis and The Sacramento Food Bank, depending on the delivery day.

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