3-4 slices of bacon chopped into bite size pieces
1 onion diced
1 close garlic minced
1 bunch kale (remove long woody stems leave rib in leaf) slice leaves across rib into 1 inch ribbons
1/4 c of broth (chicken or veg stock)
dash of seasoned rice wine vinegar to taste
Sauté bacon.  Add onion just before bacon is crispy.  Add garlic.  Add kale & turn to mix in the bacon, onion.  Add splashes of broth to lightly steam.  Turn/stir occasionally.  Add lid for a minute or two to steam. Sprinkle with vinegar. Eat. Enjoy.
Oakland member Sarah Crawford
Bacon Week on the Farm
In celebration of the fact that we have a boar and three gilts now living on the farm. They are here to procreate organically. We will get four of the piglets which will be born just before the summer solstice party we are planning. The pigs will live on the front pasture with the chickens and a couple of cows. More on the pigs and this years farm events in next weeks newsletter.