We are very happy with our new chicken house that we built on a mobile home trailer. It is easy to move, and the chickens like it. There is plenty of ventilation if needed, and they can also hide under the house on a hot day (or if hawks are flying around).
The chickens that are laying now live in the houses we  inherited from Kyle, which are proving to not be strong enough to move around. We have spent over $1,000 per house on them so far, and Jose tells me not to bother any more.  We should focus on building more of the mobile home houses.
The new houses take two people about two weeks to build and cost around $5,000. We need at least two of them, as we have to raise 1,000 more hens to start laying in November so that we have enough eggs for the winter. The chickens take time and money but they do pay us back in more than just eggs. N.