Last night at around 11.30 pm a truck rolled into the farm. there was a little discussion and then 3 pallets containing 4 bee hives each were fork lifted from the truck which left soon after.
These hives will live on the farm for the next month or so while the lavender is in blossom. The bees will go crazy about the lavender nectar and hopefully make between 300 and 500 pounds of this very special honey. Lavender honey does not taste of lavender ( some people can detect a slight flavor). The nectar does not contain the aroma but is said to carry all the health and curative giving properties. If you taste lavender honey and it tastes just like lavender then you have a cheap honey which is flavored with lavender oil. We could produce that but choose to only produce the real thing. The honey will be available through our lavender website sometime in September