P9240001The nearest Med Fly trap is about 1/2 mile from the farm. We are just outside the area where the sterile males are dropped by plane twice a week. Other than that there is very little to report. We have not yet got a handle on the financial implications, we are still very busy getting the farm back together. The crew when not picking for your box is harvesting the fall crops. We still have about half the sweet potatoes to dig. Roberto is busy on the tractor preparing beds and planting. Augustine and Ramon have been works full time on building the third chicken house. We hope to have it finished by the end of the week.
Tose of you who are member of the farm should have gotten an email invitation to the tomato party by now from us. We can all enjoy the crop even if they cannot be in your boxes every week.
I have no news on any financial help. The agriculture commissioner for Solano County is working hard on this. The main problem is that a pest eradication is not classified as a natural disaster. Our spirits are good and now all we can do is to get the farm ready for fall and winter and prepare for next years tomatoes… Nigel