Pa300003I delivered the honey jars to Matt our beekeeper las week. We hope to have the honey ready to sell in a couple of weeks. the harvest this year was just over 500 lbs. This will sell easily.
The bees arrive at the beginning of June, just as the lavender comes into bloom. It is no exaggeration to say that the bee go crazy over the lavender. They love it. They collect the nectar all day everyday until the blooms end in July. Matt comes late at night to collect the bees. In his honey room he removes the honey from the combs. The honey is filtered through a muslin cloth to remove the bee body parts. This is considered 'unfiltered' The honey room is kept at 80 F so the honey flows into the jars with no added heat.

The price of the honey will increase this year to cover the cost of taking care of the bees during this period of bee decline. Matt uses essential oils to protect his bees from mites. No honey can really be sold as organic because you cannot control where they forage. Matt describes this as his very best fine floral honey. Precious stuff.