P5160005Over the last few days the temperatures have been around 100F and winds 25+mph. Neither of these conditions is unusual for may but both together they can cause havoc on some crops. The Strawberries are not able to draw enough moisture from their roots and the plants can turn crispy brown in the matter of a couple of days. Thankfully we are not there yet but they are stressed and have very little fruit. Two of our three varieties are suffering the most. There is a distinct 'jam' smell coming from the field and that is not good. the third variety has just a few fruits and the plant is still looking good.
The result of all of this is that we will not be taking any fruit to the Farmers Market this Saturday and our Strawberry Day set for Sunday is canceled. We hope to reschedule it at a later date after seeing how well the Strawberry plants recover, or not.
We hope to have some berries for our Eatwell Box this coming week. On Saturday morning we will foliar feeed the crop to help it recover.