P7280087This is half the number of bales of straw that we will need to make our strawberry beds. the other half is at the opposite end of the field. the beds are prepared with lots of compost. We now need to lay the drip lines ontop of the beds. Over these will be laid a very thin layer of black plastic to suppress any weed growth and stop the fruit from touching the soil. The plastic will be held down with straw laid between the beds. The plants were ordered last fall, dug at the nursery in december of last year and kept frozen until Thursday morning when I picked them up in Turlock. They are now held at 38F in our cooler waiting for us to finish the beds and plant them. They will bear a very few fruit this fall, the main crop starts to produce in the spring of 2009.
the straw is from our own wheat field so it has not been sprayed.