Pa070062Last Friday was the official end of the Med fly Quarantine. It passed uneventfully here on the farm except for the fact that we picked what I believe were the best tomatoes we had ever had. The reason is the vital work of seed saving. Selecting the best plants and only saving seed from these. Over the past five years this has acclimatized the varieties to our soil and climate here on the farm.
Over the past year and particularly this spring we have had so many Government pick up trucks on the farm. Med fly traps were set in our orchards, they were checked at least once per week and every Friday I sprayed with an organic bait material under supervision of at least one official and sometimes as many as four!
Last Fall you the members stood by us when the quarantine was imposed. I am often asked how did we survive such a quarantine, unable to move or sell our tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and plums. The answer is a very simple one, our customers stood by us. You kept sending in your renewal checks even though the box was not complete. You came out to the farm for our sauce party, drank a lot of Bloody Mary’s and made a ton of sauce, literally.
We must recognize the part our farming friends played in helping us over those crucial first six weeks of the quarantine. Full Belly Farm, River Dog Farm, Terra Firma Farm and Masa Organic Rice they all gave us great discounts of produce we bought to replace our own and lots of time to pay them back.
Thank you all from all of us at Eatwell Farm… Nigel.