P8070021_2Last Friday we took delivery of 3 tractor and trailer loads of compost. We use the food waste compost which is made from the contents of you green bins in Oakland and San Francisco. We have been using this compost since 2000.
I also have ordered 100 tons of compost and 40 tons of limestone to apply to the back forty where we grew our wheat crop this past winter. We are leasing this land from The Erwin family from Dixon. We have a six year lease. The cost of the compost/limestone including the spreading by a local spreading company is $5,700.
The field will be cultivated as the compost is spread to cover up the compost and protect it from the sun as it is spread. Mark and Matt Cooley will be taking care of all the cultivations as we do not have all the equipment to cultivate the soil so deeply. More on what will be farmed in this field in later newsletters… Nigel