Ramon rolled beds after Roberto cultivated on Monday. On Tuesday they will spread and incorporate compost. These beds are on the rented back forty. We will plant here in early November for harvest in February and March. We have four acres of beds marked out, and four more acres will be planted in cover crop. The rest of the field will be planted in wheat, triticale, barley and durum wheat. These grains will form the basis of our grain CSA which will start in the summer of 2009 and provide more food for the chickens.
Once the beds are composted and cultivated, we will have to irrigate if it does not rain. We need the soil to be moist so that we can make the final bed preparations. The seeds need a fine, moist seed bed so they can be sown correctly and germinate well.
Both tractors are busy all day, every day. Roberto and Arturo hoe the beds with the brush hoe at least one day per week. We are very happy to have two solid tractors on the farm.