This odd looking set up belongs to Bill Creps from Everything Under The Sun in Winter CA. Air is drawn in through the two holes seen here it then passes through 60' of 6" diameter pipe painted black. It comes back along another length of the same pipe and then back to the drying trays in the far back. As the air passes along the 180' of piping it can get as hot as 180F. This saves valuable propane for drying fruit. Normally fruit is dried on trays in the sun during the summer here. The sun can bleach and or burn the fruit. Using the solar dryer it is not exposed to direct sun so the fruit retains all its natural color. It also dries much quicker. You can buy Bill's dried fruit at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Bill was able to mdry some of our extra tomatoes that we will put in our Eatwell Boxes this winter.