Cover crop seed mixes like this one cost around 50 cents per pound. You need to sow about 100 lbs per acres. As we are organic growers we have to use organic seed for a crop if it is available. There is enough of us now to make it worthwhile for the seed companies to produce an organic cover crop mix. The organic mix costs 94 cents per pound! This mix contains 50% oats, 10% Peas, 10% Vetch and 30% bell beans. It will make a huge mass of vegetation by early April. The roots of the legumes (peas, vetch and beans) host nitrogen fixing bacteria. The bacteria fix nitrogen from the air and trade it for other nutrients from the plant. A symbiotic relationship. The nitrogen is available for the succeeding crops. In these beds we will plant corn for cornmeal and popcorn. These will be available as part of our grain CSA which we hope to launch in the Fall of 2009.