Ahead of the rain that did not arrive last Saturday we moved the chickens to a new pasture of cover crop that had been mowed. This is where at the end of April we will plant our field corn for corn meal, popcorn and polenta. The cover crop has added fertility and the chickens are now doing their part. They love new pasture. As soon as we opened the door they excitedly piled out. Moving the chickens is getting easier although we still have the problem of some of them roosting on the axles under the houses. We keep the doors open 24/7 so they can roost where they choose. On Friday night the crew came back out into the field with me and we rather unceremoniously put them back into their houses. This only took one hour and saved a great deal of time on Saturday. Catching them in the dark is so much easier than when they can see in the day.
The new fence is six feet tall and we hope to keep very few troublesome chickens from escaping.