Back in 1995 we spent what seemed at the time like a very large amount of money to buy a set of plastic crates for all our harvesting on the farm. It became evident very quickly that it was a smart move saving lots of cardboard boxes and much frustration when they fall apart with produce inside after only a few uses.
After ten years our trusty crates started to fall apart under the sunlight but what service they had given us. We blessed them as they met their grave.
A few weeks ago I got an email offering me more crates from a liquidator who was clearing out the Circuit City distribution center in Livermore. I went down with my truck and came home with it full of crates. The price was 20 cents on the dollar or less, I could not refuse. I ended up making four trips and coming home with 17 pallets just like these. Now we have enough crates to last us for many years. We will store onions, potatoes, garlic and many other crops in these crates.